The evidence in regards to ancient human civilization confirms that, there has been a civilization dating back more than 150,000 years in Sri Lanka. This evidence discovered and carbon dated in Pahiyangala Lena, which located in Sabaragamuwa province Sri Lanka. And it verifies that a human settlement has even existed 37,000 years ago.

There is a theory that modern Veddha people are the descendants of Yaka tribe of ancient Sri Lanka and their start pre dates the belief that their origin is from King Vijaya and Queen Kuweni. The theory also indicates that they were present when Lord Buddha visited Sri Lanka and they used hold high position along the social structure of ancient Sri Lanka.  
Offering Bee Honey
  Bintanna is well-known as the Identity of ancient Sri Lankan civilizations and it is also famous as the land of these Veddha people.

Bintanna land is bordered by Mahaweli river from the north, batticaloa from East , Polonnaruwa district from the north and UwaWellassa from the south. Based off the central high lands of Sri Lanka towards east, Bintanne was a part of Mahiyangana though the times. These indigenous people have made Bintanna their home from ancient times which are proven by the cave paintings from the area.

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Kirikoraha Dance
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